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Most of the UK will be bathed in hot weather on Monday, August 8, according to the Met Office.

There will be highs of 28C in the southeast and southwest of England at about 4pm, while the south, Midlands and East of England will see mid to late 20s.

It’ll be slightly cooler in Wales, with highs of 25C, and it gradually reaches the low 20s the further north you head in England.

In Scotland, Edinburgh will be seeing about 20C throughout the day, while further north in Inverness will hit 18C.

Once again, rain will be almost non-existent across the country, as the UK’s dry spell continues.

Only the very northern parts of Scotland will see any rainfall on Monday – peaking at about 7pm.

However, even then, it’ll likely be less than 0.5mm of rainfall each hour.

It’ll become increasingly cloudy as the day progresses in England.

London and the southeast will see most of the cloud cover, as well as northern Scotland.

But, the main overarching theme of the day’s weather is the continued heat.

The Met Office forecasted another hot spell across the UK later in the week.

A particularly high pressure build-up on the Atlantic Ocean is forecasted to hit Southwest England in the middle of next week, and gradually move further inland.

By the end of the week, parts of the UK could expect to see mid-30sC.

Met Office chief forecaster Steve Willington said: “We could see parts of the UK entering heatwave conditions if the above-average temperatures last for three days or more.

“Many areas of the UK, especially the south, will witness temperatures several degrees higher than average, but these values are likely to be well below the record-breaking temperatures we saw in mid-July.”

UK forecast for the next five days
South, dry, sunny and warm; North, dry sunny and warm


Dry with plenty of sunshine for most. Cloudier at times over parts of eastern England and also over the far north of Scotland where there will be some rain at times.


Much of the UK will be dry with long clear periods and a risk of some mist and fog patches. Remaining cloudy across far north with outbreaks rain.


Dry with plenty of sunshine for most and feeling hot across central and southern areas. Cloudy and breezy for north and west of Scotland with some drizzly rain at times.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Cloud and rain in the far north at times. Elsewhere, dry and sunny. Becoming very warm away from eastern coasts. Increasingly hot across much of England and Wales.