Half Mag / Half Zine

At one point in his career, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady would say regarding the intended duration of his career, “10 more years.” At some point, his standard response became until he turns 45.

Finally, he’s there. As of today, he’s 45.

It’s a truly amazing accomplishment, beyond his seven championships and the many career records he continues to compile. And it’s unclear how much longer he’ll play.

He doesn’t want a farewell tour, so we’ll never knew when it’s his last year. At this point, we’ll just have to assume that each year is his last year.

We also should assume it’s his last year in Tampa Bay, given the news that emerged on Tuesday.

But this isn’t the time or the place to chastise him for his role in the Dolphins tampering fiasco. That time is coming. (Soon.) For now, happy birthday, Tommy. Enjoy your carrot cake. Which is probably literally a carrot with a candle in it.