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A woman was driven out of her own home by a swarm of monstrous rats that took up residence in her attic.

The beastly rodents would terrorise Livi Roberts around the clock and drag steel chains along the floor of the creepy attic.

Livi told how she endured months of irritating tapping sounds coming from the roof constantly seven days a week and said the entire ordeal drove her insane.

The student first noticed noises around two months after moving into the property in Woodhouse, Leeds.

“I kept hearing this tapping kind of sound. I didn’t get it sorted at first because I honestly thought it was just the shower dripping or something,” she told Leeds Live.

“But it kept happening more and more until I realised it was definitely tapping multiple times a day.”

After realising that there was more to the strange sounds, Livi contacted her landlords who were very helpful and called in experts.

She said: “To be fair I actually had good landlords so they did call in some people to take a look.

“The exterminators didn’t seem to believe me, but sure enough when they went up into the attic they saw a ton of rat droppings so decided to set up some poison.

“Basically they told me I might hear a bit more at first but the poison would quickly get them to leave. They were going to come back in two weeks to check it out.”

As expected, the activity increased as the rats flocked to the attic but Livi said the rodents are “immortal” and appeared to survive the poison.

“Sure enough the rats are going crazy. I can hear them all running around constantly,” she said.

“It doesn’t stop though. The exterminators see a bunch of poison has been eaten though. Basically rinse and repeat over and over.”

Despite gobbling up so much poison, Livi said the rats did not die and the noises got worse until their efforts ceased.

“At some point we kind of just gave up, they were nowhere else anyway,” she added.

“Months of listening to them run around 24/7 was driving me insane though.”

But Livi said the most interesting part of the entire ordeal was that the attic, where the rats stayed, resembled a torture chamber.

“The fun or creepy part was the house’s attic. It literally looked like some kind of torture room,” she continued.

“Like, there was nothing in there apart from a bunch of chains wrapped around the supports.”

And Livi and her flatmate were stunned by the rats, which were so strong they could move the chains.

She said: “We heard the rats dragging that chain around a lot which was kind of unnerving. My flatmate had it worse honestly because their nest was above their bed.”

Livi believes the rats are most likely still living in the attic after several attempts to remove them.

She said: “It wasn’t that gross or anything, just drove me insane. Was like the start of ratatouille up there I swear.

“Admittedly we were kind of stressed with our dissertations and all the visits hadn’t helped, so we kind of gave up. As far as I know they’re still there.

“I mean I heard them the day I moved out so.”